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Dignity at Work

The purpose of this policy is to support dignity and respect at work and to help foster a positive and dignified workplace culture. The policy describes the courses of action open to members of staff who experience unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour but also how, as an organisation we aim to minimise the incidents of such behaviour occurring in the first place.

The material contained in this section is management guidance, rather than guidance that has been agreed in partnership.

Top Tips on using the Dignity at Work policy.....

The first section of the policy is about striving for cultural change through managers and leaders setting a positive culture and through Organisational Development, using tools such as those described in Facing the Future Together. Facing the Future Together plays a large part in creating this culture with its focus on the 6 values of;

  • We put patients first
  • We focus on outcomes
  • We take responsibility
  • We always try to do better
  • We work as one team
  • We treat each other with respect.