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This policy sets out the procedures which should be used to address conduct matters.  It is designed to clarify the rights and responsibilities of management, staff and Trade Unions/Professional Organisations in respect of employees who become liable to disciplinary action resulting from failure to meet the required standard of performance or conduct relating to their work or profession.

It is the intention of the policy to ensure that the principles of fairness, equality, reasonableness and justice are applied.

The policy covers all staff directly employed or seconded by the Board and includes all Medical and Dental staff in cases of personal misconduct.

Top Tips on using the Disciplinary Policy...

  • Where improvement in conduct is necessary this will, where appropriate, be sought at an early stage through supported improvement. The aim of this method of support is to ensure every effort is made to assist employees and encourage their improvement.
  • Where conduct has not improved through supported improvement or where misconduct is deemed to be more     serious in nature a formal investigation of the allegations of misconduct will be carried out in line with the procedures contained within the policy.
  • It is recognised that there may be occasions when it is considered inappropriate for an employee to remain at work whilst conduct issues are being addressed, and therefore, the use of suspension may be considered. Advice should be sought prior to suspension from a People and Change Manager or as soon as practicably possible afterwards.
  • Any disciplinary action taken will be dependant on the seriousness of the misconduct, misbehaviour or lack of performance at work.
  • HR can provide further advice and guidance in relation to the application of this policy.

Please note: in addition to the Disciplinary Policy and the Employee Capability Policy and Procedure, there are further procedures which may have to be implemented when managing conduct and competence for medical and dental staff.

A link on the menu bar on the right will take you to the guidance for "Managing Conduct and Competence for Medical and Dental Staff".