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Family and Carers Information

Families are in the best position to help and are key to aiding their child’s recovery from an eating disorder. It may seem overwhelming at first when a diagnosis is given but in time you will gain knowledge of how to help and what needs to be done. Reading and gaining knowledge is one thing you can do, Browse sites that aid recovery and support parents through the recovery process. Be sure to check our links below and real lives pages    


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Getting Help Early

Signs and Symptoms

Treatment and Recovery

Parent Support Group

Eating Disorders Book Review

Further Information for Family/Carer

Real Lives



Beat, the largest campaigning eating disorders charity in the UK, is delighted to announce the launch of its much anticipated Carers’ Forum.

The Carers’ Forum is a completely new website – a dedicated space for anyone providing help and support to someone with an eating disorder. Message Boards, an online ‘chat’ facility and a Carers’ Blog are amongst the exciting range of interactive facilities on offer, enabling carers to connect with and support each other. It also offers a wealth of information for carers: tips for talking to someone with an eating disorder, handling mealtimes, dealing with professionals, and details of various other organisations offering help with a range of issues. But that’s not all: the site boasts huge potential, with its development set to be heavily influenced by Beat’s service users. (May 2011)