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IPC Team (documents)

IPCT Useful Documents

NHSGGC Environmental Organisms in High Risk Areas SOP (Interim - Pending approval)


HPS - CDI Trigger Tool

IPCT - CDI Communications Algorithm 2015

IPCT - CDI CRT (CDI Review Tool)

IPCT - Guidelines for the completion of CDI CRT

IPCT - Email Template for CDI Death Notification 2015

IPCT - Email Template for Severe CDI Notification 2015

IPCT - Recommended PPE for AHP

IPCT - Useful PECOS Ordering Codes

IPCT - What to do if you get a phone call about a potential CJD patient

IPCT - Priority for Isolation of Patients Protocol

NHSGGC Bowel Movement Record (Bristol Stool Chart)

NHSGGC Non-SAB Algorithm  

SAB Treatment Algorithm (HIS)

CAUTI Safety Cross 2015 (Pages 1 & 2)

IPC Advice for Visiting Contractors

Outbreaks and Incidents - Algorithm and Associated Documents

Origin of Infection XP for Organisms on ICNet

IPC HAI Corporate Tool and Rapid Improvement Tool (IPS)

IPC Norovirus/Influenza Escalation Plan (2018)


IPCT - Stickers

(6 to a page format) RSV Sticker

(4 to a page format) RSV Sticker

(6 to a page format) GAS Sticker

(4 to a page format) GAS Sticker

(4 to a page format) Influenza Sticker

(6 to a page format) CPE Sticker

(4 to a page format) CPE Sticker

SAB Sticker (Adults)

MRSA Sticker


IPCT - eSAB Protocols and Forms:


IPCAT (IPC Audit Tool) User Guides from Synbiotix / Supporting Documents: